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Theme which I want to raise up today - is becoming an adult and taking responsibilities. If you are a teen, you can have mixed feelings about it, like on the one side - you will be able to do everything you want, and from the other side - you will be responsible for everything you do.

But what in fact means to become an adult? As Murray Bowen, who was an American psychiatrist observed, adults “are able to distinguish between the feeling process and the intellectual process…and have the ability to choose between having one’s functioning guided by feelings or by thoughts.”

Another question is - when you become an adult? In most countries you are considered to be an adult when you reach 18, but neurologists have learned that prefrontal cortex of kids who are in this age is only half-developed. Prefrontal cortex is the area of the brain that helps control impulses, solve problems, regulate emotions and organise behaviour. Before the age of 25 when this area is already developed it is harder for people to make all these tasks.

Nevertheless, history is full of people who made "adult" things being in the age which is not considered adulthood today. For example, at the age of 16 Alexander the Great was conquering Maedi; in the same age Joan of Arc was making first steps in changing history; at 15 Charles Algernon Parsons invented prototype of the modern automobile.

And how do you think, at what age person can be considered as an adult?

- Fereal