• The best of me
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This is one of my favorites romantic movies ever! It's such an emotional story and it's also the movie version of a Nicholas Sparks' book.
  • Shutter island
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can't explain how good is this movie. It's the perfect thriller with so many twists, Leonardo and Mark Ruffalo are amazing (just look at them *-*)
  • Silver Linings Playbook
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Jennifer is as divine as this movie. So addictive that I could watch it a thousand times!
  • Mean girls
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Everyone needs to watch this movie. It's hilarious and the perfect movie to watch on a lazy day when you don't want to concentrate too much. LOVE IT
  • The notebook
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I'm still crying thinking about this movie. This is a staple as a romance movie and I hope it'll be it for a long time. You can't hate romanticism after watching this movie.
  • Wonder woman
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This movie has totally amazed me. I didn't expect it would have been so good and I'm grateful I saw it. PS.Gal Gadot made me become lesbian
  • Deadpool
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I love superheroes' movie if you couldn't tell. You HAVE TO watch it cause it's so funny you'll die.
  • Harry Potter series
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Just the title explains everything. There's nothing better than this amazing world.
  • Hunger games series
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Another staple and another world I would never forget.

These are just a few and I hope that maybe you'll watch some of these and enjoy them as much as I do.