I really like a guy and I don't know how to become friends . Like... I would talk more with him but
1. he has a gilfriend
2. he's a pretty famous youtuber in my country . He's got like 160k subscribers . And for my country...that's pretty big
The only conversations we've had ( which can't even be called conversations ) were me , sending him memes that I made with his meme-able face and him responding .
I've also seen him at a meeting . I told him I'm "the meme girl" and he was so happy . He hugged me ( TWICE LIKE OMG) and told me that he really likes my memes and that he apreciates me .
He's almost 18 and he told me on a livestream when we were talking "15 + , hit me up " . I'm not 15 yet . I will be in January. But I don't know what to do
I need advice with 2 things :
1. what should I say to him on his birthday ?, (October 3rd)
2. how to become friends
If you can help me with this or you want more information so you can try to help me , pls dm me .
I'm not looking for messages like "you're crazy " or something like that . If this is your opinion then please , don't message me at all .