How I cope with my mental illness

    ⁃    I cut out major stressors in my life that I found I could go without. This doesn't mean you can stop showing up to school every day but personally, I quit my casually employed job, cut negative people out of my inner circles and took mental health day breaks from the school where needed - but only a day!! not all week!! missing too much school will add more stress, you're trying to cut stress out
    ⁃      Quit caffeine. This is super important, chances are if you're drinking 6 cups of coffee a day it isn't making you any less jittery or nervous. If you're depressed or suffer from insomnia it may seem to help you kick-start your morning but I promise you, in the long run, it's doing more harm than good. I've never liked coffee but recently I've cut out caffeine in the form of tea and soft drink - very worth it
    ⁃     Don't be scared of it. There was a time where a day didn't pass by without me ranting about how much I hate anxiety, how terrible it makes me feel and how I would do anything for it to just go away forever. The day I realised it was never going to completely leave me, was revolutionary. It isn't an awful scary monster it's just a gross little feeling that's going to hang around for a little while and you just have to grow the hell up and let it do whatever the hell it wants until it gets bored and you start to ignore it
    ⁃    Think of your mental illness like a physical being. This sounds so weird okay it's something I've done since I was 6 so maybe it was made for kids but it works. I would imagine anxiety to be a little ugly monster and when it started to get to me I would tell it to shut up, it's like 5 centimetres tall and scaly and ugly and probably had a lot of acne and I don't need to be tormented by a little monster with acne.
    ⁃   Contact a helpline when i need it. There's nothing embarrassing about contacting a helpline. seriously the number of times I've called in just to have somebody to rant out is alarming. If you're nervous about that kind of thing there are a ton of sites that allow you to message in and text back and forth with one of their trained professional councillors. I'll leave links to some of the site I've used before for support in my anxiety diaries collection
    ⁃    Self help books. I read a ton of self help books, even if they're designed for little kids, sometimes those are better because they're simple and clear and easy to follow. Don't be embarrassed to get a self help book out they're great, even a free online ebook is so easy to access
    ⁃    See a professional. Don't tell me you can't because every single one of you know you can walk right into the school councillors office and have yourself a meeting. If you're over 16 you're old enough to get the bus to visit your GP and book an appointment yourself. You can call or message into a professional help site and get immediate support in seconds. If you want to get better there's no excuse to not be seeking out professional help.
    ⁃    Talk to your GP about starting on antidepressants. I went 16 years coping with anxiety without any medical aid, I only started them when it became a necessity to my health. If you think you're out of options I very much so recommend starting on medication. This doesn't mean you'll automatically get better and you don't have to keep actively trying to help yourself. It isn't a get out of jail free card, more like a bonus on top of all the other things you have to keep doing for yourself.