When I saw him I just knew. I had to be with him. He was the one. My soulmate. i didn't even need to talk to him. I just knew it! He was my one and only. The way his hair was tossing and turning in the summer breeze. His warm ember eyes pierced through my very soul. I could tell that he thought the same. I slowly made my way towards him, unsure of what I was going to say to him. I was looking down when all of a sudden I ran into someones hard chiseled chest. I looked up startled to see his eyes staring down at me with such intensity. Not knowing when it happened, I was enveloped in his arms, his lips on mine. I felt him pull me in closer as our kiss deepened. Once I realized what was happening I pulled away, panting and trying to catch my breath.

"What was that? Do I know you?" I exclaimed, annoyed at the fact that he just did what he did, but I could also feel the heat rising in my face. I knew that i enjoyed it all to much as I felt my body turn towards him as he stepped in closer.

"What, didn't you enjoy it?" he smirked at me, "I mean, I'm pretty sure you did kiss me back...," his voice trailed off pretending to be deep in thought.

"Argh! It doesn't matter if I liked it or not! You can't just go around kissing people! i mean, what happens if I had herpes? Huh? What happens then?"

"Well,thank God you don't, right?" he asked, with his brows crinkled in worry.

"Well, who knows right?" I replied innocently running away.

"Hey! Wait! What's your name?" his voice followed me down the stairs.

"That's for me to know and you to find out now ain't it?" I yelled back at him. I knew that as I was running I was smiling like I had lost my mind.