Sometimes I cant bring myself to do any of these things but other times I can.

- Go to gym
- Take a long time in the bath or shower
- Go for a walk
- Write
- Paint
- Play with dogs
- Clear out room
- Look up books I want to read
- Read books
- Draw
- Create new music playlists
- Take cool pictures
- edit photos
- Listen to podcasts
- Clear out drawers
- Organise art and stationary
- Stretch
- Think of short term goals
- Watch movies
- Colour in
- Cut out things from magazines and stick them on my wall
- Watch youtube
- Clean the house
- Go food shopping ( when I need to )
- Plan out my days and see if I can follow the plan
- Do makeup
- Clean makeup brushes
- Re - organize my food cupboards
- Do facemasks/ nails/ hair/ tan
- Visit family
- Play cards

I can continue this list I a different article but I hope this helps you out a bit.
Sometimes all you can do some days is just survive and that's okay.

Thanks for reading x