I've been to so many places, but one place really amazed me and caught my attention since it is different from any other place I've been to. It is an exciting place to learn more about the past and histories that happened so many years ago. The Museum.

The Vargas Museum is located inside the University of the Philippines Diliman. The Museum is named after Jorge B. Vargas a UPD Alumni of Law who advocates diplomat and youth. Inside the museum, you will see a variety of artworks one of it is the, "By Sword and Fire" by Renz Baluyot a UPD graduate of Fine Arts in which the rust pertains to the past and the present that turned into a devastation and deterioration.

For me, the artwork, "By Sword and Fire", symbolizes worth which means to showcase your talent and potential and grab all opportunities, in that way all your hard work and dedication will pay off and will not put into waste before it totally rust. Since the museum is under renovation it was quite devastating that it is empty and many spaces are unoccupied but I am really impressed by all the paintings that are presented. I would rate it 7 out of 10 because I really learned a lot about the past and histories that happened years and years ago and also I liked how this museum showcases how talented Filipinos are when it comes to art.