Be meaningful

Life is a gift with its ups and downs
Some people leave and others may come.
Live in the moments,cherish the now
Don't count the days,make them count.
It all starts in the morning,with your very first breath,
When you open your eyes you have to realize you are blessed,you really have the power to create your own path.
Birds are singing,the oak stand proud and tall,
The new day is your canvas,your soul is the brush,go.
Dream big dreams,envision what they call ''impossible",
Then put your soul and your mind in your craft,prove them it's real.

Be humble yet confident,know your worth and love yourself,
Do good to others,Lift them up,encourage them,
You'll soon turn their "no" into "I can."
Don't compare yourself to others,you are one of a kind,
There is no "if" in your story,it's just a matter of time.
Stay true to your path,fall in love with your journey,
Look no further than yourself when you hear the word:enemy.
Cause in this life,it's only you vs you,
It doesn't matters what others say or do.
And when you'll go to sleep,late in the night,
Be at peace with yourself and trust me:You'll be alright.