you should know that I think you're the greatest boy I've ever met.
that when you smile the sun shines and when you laugh my universe is complete. when you look at me with those hazel eyes I see everything that is good in this world.
when you hug me I melt. you're so warm and I feel your love.
I hate when you're sad. because you deserve all the happiness in this world.
you're so special. you're so rare.
I've met the same people in different bodies but I've never met another you.
maybe thats why I can't get you out of my head.
and why I see you everywhere.
and now I compare everyone to you.
but the thing is, is that no one is you. and no one's better than you.
not even close.
it scares me. I'm 300 miles from you and you're still around.
you're still the one that my heart won't stop talking about.
you're the one who makes my days sunny and bright.
you're the one who believes in me when I can't do so myself.
you're the one who I wanna spend the sunsets with.
the boy who can make me believe that I am enough.
but you don't think you're enough.
but you are. especially to me.
don't you know by now that you're perfect to me?
your so called "imperfections" are perfect.
don't you know that?
you're everything and everything is you.
I just wanna be everything for you too.
i'm crazy about you and you know. i'd always tell you that.
because you need to know that.
you need to know that I'm gonna take care of you.
no word of mine will hurt you.
ill give you my entire world. ill let you in.
now, I just wanna thank you for what you've done.
thank you for making me feel alive when I felt nothing inside.
thank you for accepting me.
thank you for making me feel a little less lonely.
it's all rosy when you're here.
and that's not gonna change.
even after almost a year.
because I still feel the same as when we first began.
oh wow.
lastly I just wanna say I'm here if you need me.
because there is only love for you.