so basically I write a lot when I'm bored somehow, I think its kinda therapeutic in so many ways. now that little sentence there brings me to number one .

1. I have learned that writing is a massive part of my life, I kinda don't have anyone really to talk to so writing to me is a person. I don't actually mind it in any way, I feel as though it makes me feel so much better once i have written down what my emotions are.

2. being alone to me isn't feeling like i have nobody its an opportunity to get to know myself more, I love being on my own. I really really do, I love how my thoughts fill the air as i think or even work on something to me that is a perfect day.

3. school, college, University they are all pretty hard and education it self takes so much of you're time. Right now i'm in college second year and let me tell you something, GCSE's are not that important!!! when i was in year 11 I had so many breakdowns so many... I was so afraid of not being able to get a good grade or not make anyone proud but that whole experience has now made me feel like why? why was i so worried, why did I let that happen. just from my advice there is always something out there for you!

4. meeting new people for me is hard but in these past two year i have changed, I have grown into believing I can be confident, and I can do it.