okay i know, as cheesy and stupid as this sounds, i just wanna let y'all know what type of guy i want my future to be like. so shall we begin?

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
so this is what i look like (except my eyes are actually black and i don't wear makeup):

ok so the characteristics i want are:

aesthetic boy
1) caring and loving and also gives amazing hugs (i love hugs)
asian asian
2) tall and (hopefully) handsome
asian Superthumb
3) dresses well and has a lot of hoodies or sweaters (smirks)
couple couple
4) has a playful personality and fun loving
city boy
5) down for late night adventures and impromptu dates
couple bed
6) loves cuddling and snuggling
boy Superthumb
7) loves animals

8) ain't a player and is a gentleman (very important!!!)

boy boy
9) spending time together

10) gives me space and respects my privacy

boy Superthumb burger
11) foodie and music junkie
couple alfie couple adidas
12) doesn't mind wearing matching couple clothes or accessories
couple couple
13) surprises me with gifts sometimes
asian Superthumb
14) late night calls or talks
boyfriend goals goodnight Superthumb
15) just texts me randomly to check on me or say some cheesy pick line or pun (i'm such a sucker for this kind of things)
asian kfashion
16) lets me take cute pics of him
boy Superthumb
17) going travelling together

yea basically that's it heheh if y'all wanna ship me with celebs i don't mind at all!!! just holla at meeee

mel x