I have been sick for the past week.When you are at school,It seems like having a lot of time,but when you are at High school it seems like you will have to catch up with your classmates probably for the next few weeks in order to prepare for your future exams properly.
Do you know this feeling when you have to stay motivated but you can't ?
I know this feeling very well. The fact that I have got a huge amount of work makes me very anxious and the fact that I am so lazy to deal with it makes me anxoius too.It is an impossible situation.
I can't say that I am such a lazy person,no,I am just not in the right headspace for doing anything.
I want to keep everything under control,I want to do everything in time and I want to set priorities properly, but now I am incapable.
I am sure that some of you are familiar with this,and the most important thing for now is to understand how to overcome it. I think I just need some time to recover.