I'm not exactly sure what I want in my life right now. I haven't been feeling well for almost 3 weeks. I've already started another year of college and I'm not sure if I should take a break for the semester. I don't have that much time to think it over, but maybe this is my time to take a break for awhile. However, I don't necessarily think that it is a good choice because it would be too easy to give up and I don't want to give up.

It would be nice to go to a bookstore or write while I'm at a coffee shop because I've always wanted to do that. I've wanted to know what that felt like. For the longest time, I've been under constant stress and I never gave my mind a break to not stress. I always felt that I needed to stress about something even if I wasn't doing anything.

Maybe I do need to give my mind this one break and then things will be better..

I have absolutely no clue, but I'm trying to figure this out just as much as you are by reading this article hahaha!