Stress is something I and i know alot of other people struggle with as well. Over the years i had found ways to handle and decrease my stress.

This is one of my all time favorite ways on how to deal with stress, it not only reduces your stress but relaxes you and puts you in a better mood as well. When i meditate i like to
a. lay in a dimly lit and quiet room
b. light one of my favorite scented candles
c.turn on calming/indie music
d.put my hands on my stomach and focus on my breathing. How fast,how slow,am i breathing too heavy,ect.
e.not let my mind wander, i try to paint a white canvas black in my mind and focus on not letting the paint drip off and if it does i start again

This seems childish i know but its a great way to let your mind wander and not think about the things you were once worried about. Once again turn on music similar to what you meditate to and let your eyes follow whatever utensil you're using to color and allow your mind to lose itself in your activity.

3.Stress balls
This ones simple and common. They sell stress balls/squishies almost everywhere so you have easy access to them. They work wonders when doing homework, talking to strangers, first day of school,ect.

I like to make lists of reasons why i'm stressed.This organizes and makes it easier to get to the root of your stress and maybe then its something simple and easy to fix.

I will also be making an Stress/Anxiety relief playlist soon that correlates with what i meditate to! Also! feel free to message me anytime if anyone of you guys needs anything at all !