This poem is dedicated to our Mom's little dog Bambi and my Great Grandfather. It's called: Walking Away.

Too much sorrow and pain that I can no longer maintain…with a strange feeling that draped over me...I gaze at your soft little features and wonder to myself hoping you stay with us for more years to come. What have I done?? You stare back as I smile saying,"Come on! Let's go outside!" ...You were taken before I could even save you. In disbelief of his words I was numb. Like a good neighbor he didn't care. I stand against these new thorns that have been dying to press into my skin for three weeks…For him…for you...I'm walking away from all that I cannot bare. I comforted you 'til the morning as I was your last stare and given your last breath.

"Walking Away" poem is the second part about my original poem "Body of Thorns"