I understand that it is hard sometimes. That is no lie. But...

You're alive, so act like it. Don't continue slumping around and crying about everything. When things don't go your way, know that it's NOT the end of the world. God has planned something for you. Bigger than anything. The worst things that have happened to us are really not that bad. Are you alive? Can you breathe? Can you eat pizza? Okay, then you're good.

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You know why you're good? Because nothing can stop you. There is nothing holding you back. No matter what has happened to you, you can do anything. There are people who run track that have no legs! There's a girl who's blind AND deaf that graduated from Harvard. And what happened to you? Did you break your pinky? Did you lose a dollar? Did your teacher give you an F? That is unfortunate, but you CAN and you WILL come back from that.

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Don't stop living or stop pursuing your dreams your goals just because something unfortunate happened. NEVER EVER take a misfortune as a sign that your life is meaningless because when you push through and come back from it, you've just become stronger.

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