Some of us deal with the small hills laying on our skin every. single. day. Others have masks and exfoliators made by the Gods and don't have to deal with pimples constantly.

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probably one of the lucky ones :,)

Yes, they can break out once in a while but that would only be a small incoming pimple- according to their dictionary.

Now, I have no clue on why you came to read this article. You are probably a fellow friend of mine and struggle with the insecurities of that linger behind us or should I say... In front of us. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who don't have to worry about what your skin looks like in the morning and you just want to know, "what the hell is she bitching about today?"

Ever since I have started High School I have struggled with acne but last Summer, I hit my peak. My acne has never been this bad. Every single conversation I have with someone always consist of my acne struggles.

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Like, no shit Rebecca! I had no idea that these bumps were on my face! I always wake up in the morning and look at my reflection and I think to myself, "Picture the day you are acne free. Picture the day when your friends don't always say, "OH MY GOSH YOU'RE BREAKING OUT""

It is like my acne is the most amusing thing they have ever seen. Like I get it if you want to give tips and help out but,, 9 times out of 10 your amazing product wont heal my acne. It just gets so damn annoying to have someone mention it every two minutes. Like, fuck the Kylie Jenner challenge- let's have the "Let's try to have a decent conversation without mentioning one of my insecurities challenge."

I was already insecure with my face, my weight and my personality but now I have to add acne onto the list. And what is worse is that no one around me seems to understand in the slightest. My whole family doesn't really suffer with acne like me. So when I mention how I feel (annoyed) when everyone only talks about my acne - they suddenly think that I'm over exaggerating.

The thing is that they are not in my shoes and they do not know how that feels for your insecurity to be picked on all the time.

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So if you do not suffer with acne and you decided to read my whiny article... then now you have a little in take on how acne effects one. At least me personally.

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So when you see someone with more acne then you- don't point it out or stare at it (because it is too obvious.)

Until then, I will be drowning my face in Clearasil wipes and tea tree oil!

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I luv me sum sarah baskaaa