The most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy- it's all that matters.
-Audrey Hepburn

I can't speak for everyone but personally since I live in California I've been waiting for the low 80- high 60 degrees ever since summer began. Yes I know, "summer is the best," or "beach days are what I miss about summer," even tho this is true for most people, I prefer cloudy cold days.

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Look at can not tell me this isn't breathtaking.

Currently, based on how it's September I couldn't help but notice the leaves are beginning to change color and a hint of cool breeze comes in the noon to say hello. The weather alone makes me happy but reading an interesting novel, enjoy the scenery while walking in a park, attending a school football game on Fridays, or even re-watching some old movies makes me feel complete.

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