Window pane
Window pane
Why do you mimic my sorrow?
At nature's end
It feels so sweet
Scattered autumn leaves
And willow trees
Bid me well
Til' then
Bid adieu
My arduous ardent hour
Mid July
August sweltering heat
Beach bound bruising
Sun burns will always lose
Me and my perspired solstice
Hot and heavy
Heavy, humid, but lovely
The atmospheric pressure above me
Soothes it out
Tones it down
Into an environment of peace
I am in my element
I radiate
I'm me again
Splintered sun
Between the leaflet pattern
Foliage magnolia
Shone on the sidewalk
When I talk
I sculpt this
Little autumnal picture
It's envisioned in my head
Red, orange, brown
Yellow dream
Cider sky
Auburn spice
Cinnamon swirled and nutmeg accents
Transcends thy might
The nicest flavor
The warmest feelings
The greatest color
My memories rebound
To the forefront of my mind
Of innocence
The younger years
Cavity ruined sweet teeth
And face paint
Late October afternoon
Molar chiclets
Bite down and get a quick fix
Of the sugar rush
I've had enough
But I've forgotten the meaning of stop
Times have changed
Been through a lot
But through my thoughts I can escape
My youth in fall
My future in Autumn
The sensation stays the same for me
The goosebumps still are evoked
I begin to feel whole
The corners of my mouth begin to defy gravitational pull
The earth spins slower
Longing still
My depressive state has gone
Flowed away
Gone solo
For the autumnal equinox has come
And I already know
The universe connects with me
It latches on to my soul
I will never let it go
Not for a single minute
I will not let it go
I will cherish it forever
In this three month moment