The first basic aspect .. The face.

1.- Drink water. Your skin will look healthy and fresh.
2. Wash and remove your face. I do not think I need to explain this, just if you do not remove your face your skin can be tarnished. Remember to wash your face in the morning and at night, it is best if you do it with a special soap for the face.
3.- Exfoliate your face. To remove the dead cells on your face and leave your skin soft.

Now we go through with our eyes.

4.- This is the main thing. Sleep well. It sleeps 8 hours, minimum. This will help your eyelashes disappear. Only if it is not by genetics
5.- Curved and long lashes without the need for makeup. Natural oils serve a lot to enhance your eyelashes. There is also a like gel for eyelashes, they resemble eyelash masks but they have no color and help them to grow.

Defined eyebrows.

6.- You can not make the eyebrows look bigger without resorting to make-up (in my opinion), but if you brush them with a special comb for eyebrows, it probably looks nice and well defined.


7.- To make the lips look bigger, with a toothbrush moistened, massage all your lips, will make them a little bigger
8.- Moisturize your lips. Apply a lip moisturizer, without color, if you want to use a little make-up on them,


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