I never thought I would feel
Something like
Your heart starts beating
Desperately just because
You saw that person

Or getting nervous talking
To him/her
Putting yourself into
A bilions thoughts of you and that person
And never getting tired of it

When you look at this person
And hug, and touch her/him
You feel something different
Something magical and special
And the first thing that come to your mind is
"I love you"

For me, a few years ago
"Love" was a noun
But now I know
That falling doesn't happens only
After you stumble

I met something new
Called falling in love

The most painful and colourful
Part of the life
The real definition
Of love

And it makes you fall apart,
But at the same time
Heals your soul

I learned this
And I take it seriously because
Once I fell in love

Most people don't take it seriously
Like I did
But believe me,
Love can be dangerous...
Very dangerous...