Dear __,
Hey. I need you to know a few things. First of all I'm going to fall in love with you way too fast. And when I say fast it could be a matter of weeks and I'll be hooked on you. When I love, I love deeply. So deep that it physically hurts me sometimes. I will get upset over things you find silly, but know it's all because I care so much about you. If you don't call or text when you say you will I'll automatically think you no longer want me. This is because of people before you and I need you to know it's not your fault. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry in advance for being overbearing sometimes or worrying a little too much. I'm sorry for taking things to personally and I'm sorry for loving you far deeper than you can ever love me, but just because I have a deeper love doesn't mean I don't want your love. Even if you mess things up I will love you. And even after you break my heart I will still love you. My love for someone never goes away, but occasionally it will fade. So I'm sorry in advance.

a girl