Have you ever wondered whats inside a teenagers head? A female teenager?
I am a bitch. And like I always say there is not anything wrong with that. The whole society judges. Nobody is always nice. I am nice but not always. People judge you about that. STOP ACTING SO MEAN they always tell me. Have you been in my shoes before? I can be a slut, hoe, fatty, sexy disgusting girl or even just a mean girl. Either way they judge. Why? I don't know. Of course I'm not telling you to ditch your nice side and let your devil side take over. I'm telling you to stand up for yourself. Be yourself. We don't need people to talk some fucking shit into us to be total fakes. Why do we let the world judge us? Why? For instance,; sex. Lets face it. All teenagers think about this. But here's the real thing. When guys show smash interest or fuck a girl up nothing happens. People applaud them. What about girls? If girls show smash interest or get fucked up the society shames them. Like they did something wrong. My word of advice? Shut up those people and stand up for yourselves. We need to change our society?! What the hell have we become? Lets not change ourselves for other people or never want to have sex because of what people say. STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES.
And that my reader? Was the words of teenage emotions