You mabe like everyone on this earth, hate something about you or try to change it. You maybe hate your body, your voice, your nose...Could try to find everything we could hate about ourselves for hours.

But here's the thing.
God blessed you. Yes you.

You have something that me, Léa (hi btw), your neighbour or even your bestfriend don't have. Beacause god blessed you. I think about the thing you love the most about you, or even the thingS. It could be your eyes, mouth,sens of humor, your laugh and in this case again I could try to find things for hours.

Do you think about this postitive think more than the negative one ? No, 'cause we always see the negative thing. So why not try to seeing the GOOD things in ourselves for once, nice idea huh ?

This is a step further to your happiness, self-esteem & love.

God create you beacause he knew that you are beautiful the way you are. You don't evalue you worth by juging you with some Hollywood actors, girls at school & shit. Because ;

1. Models. Looking good all the time is their JOB. They're paid for that. Paid for going to the gym, getting massages, travel all the time & wearing expensive dresses.

2. Because in this world we are not all the same and being the same as someone else is a dumb idea.

So I tried to tell YOU little reader that you don't have to look like the girl in the picture to be conseidered beautiful.

Love always, Léa.