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I did quite some travelling in the last couple of weeks and I noticed that every time I had to get in the car or on the train for 3+ hours the first thing on my mind was how to put together the comfiest outfit but without looking like a hot mess. This adorable velvet set from Zara gave me the answer. There soooo many cute pairs of sweats right now and not just from athletic brands (not that there is anything wrong with them, I personally like them) which gives you more than enough options to fit your body type and style. Comfort level is 1000 and you don’t even have to worry about putting an outfit together because it is a matching set! If you want to wear sweats and want to look extra good, a set blazer and trousers will get you covered keeping you super comfy.

I bought my set from Zara for €18 during summer sale and I have to say I was lucky. I actually found the trousers first and I fell in love!! And when I found the top and realised they were matching I had to get the top as well. I love the velvet material, the colour and the style. This set is so cute, comfortable and rather different. The best part is, I can actually wear them separately to create even more outfits.

Even if you don’t travel often a top and sweatpants set will really be a good addition to your wardrobe. Whether you are 15 or 45 believe me this is a great way to look good and comfortable at the same time. There are designs out there for every age, body type, style and budget so if you don’t already own a set maybe think about it next time you go shopping. If you are a college or university student sets are a life-saver! You wake up in the morning, pick out a set and you are ready to go. If you are a working woman with an office-like job then all the blazer and trouser sets are great for you too and you can also wear them for a classy night out. 😉