i really like tv series, expecially when dramas constantly give you life tips and make me think a lot about my life, so here's a list of tv series you should watch

1. Switched at Birth
i will start with the older one. so, there are two teenagers that have a completely opposite life, but they lived for 16 years with their non-biological family. in fact, they were switched at birth.
when the families find out, they decide to meet and from that moment there will happen lots, and i mean LOTS of things.
one of the girls is deaf, so there will be a lot of asl this tv serie is the reason why i started learn it even if i'm not american lol.

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"but that's the thing, the day before your life changes forever, it's just like any other day" - Daphne Vasquez.

2. Thirteen Reasons Why
almost everyone knows it for sure. there's a girl who commited suicide, but before that, she made 13 tapes where there are all the reasons why she killed herself. a lot of people think it glorifies suicide but i don't see it like that. actually i liked it, and it made me think a lot of how i treat people and how they treat me.

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"Why don't they put up a poster that says ' don't be a dick' ?" - Alex Standall.

3. Atypical
this is a new netflix serie so you may not know about it. it's about an autistic boy, and he wants a girlfriend so bad and he's trying to be more indipendent. it's pretty funny but intense. he also is obsessed with antarctica and his best friend is a turtle. een if it's not about a huge case of autism, it makes you think about a reality that sometimes we forget about. (also i love her sister a lot)

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"Dude, nobody's perfect" - Evan Chapin.

so that's it for now. hope you will like them as much as i do. enjoy and have a good day/night :)
maybe i'll make a part two if i'll find something new