The skin we live in does't always look good. We may all have or had face skin problems. It affects our mood, mind set and everyday life. One day I think that my skin problems are over, but the next day when I wake up and look in the mirror I realize that it was just an illusion. You have to work hard to achieve perfection. No don't say that nobody's perfect! Yes, we all are perfect in our own ways and all we have to do is to love our skin, our body and our everyday life in spite of some failures. Look in the mirror and say: "Maybe my skin doesn't look that perfect, but the right makeup will definetely help me!"

Get ready! Prepare all of your makeup staff, we're going to make a miracle!

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Before you start applying makeup you MUST prepare your skin. Moisturizing your skin is very important step in your makeup.

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One of the best foundations is Milani Conceal+Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation. Nars and Mac are also qualitative.

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Concealer to hide undesirable pimps.

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The most important part of makeup: Applying eyeshadow and mascara

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Define eyebrows

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Do you like baking your face? Yeap
So let's bake
Cover the bridge of nose, below and above lips, over cheeks and then bland it in.

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Contouring (bronzer)

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Final detail: Lipstick
Always remember! When you're wearing too much makeup, sharp lipstick isn't necessary.

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BUT you look is incomplete without frangrance

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