Amara is the only child of Loki Laufeyson and former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, Maya Castellan. She was born in 1980 and died in '96, mysteriously returining to life in 2017.

She was first rescued by agent Coulson and his group, but after losing control to Hela, who had possessed her, she started to train with Black Widow. She was later introduced to the Avengers, and, after going rogue, killed by Natasha, but she was brouht back months later.

After that she went to prison in Asgard, where she met her real father, Loki, and trained with the asgardians for a while. After she went back to Earth she was adopted by Tony Stark, her father figure, and started living with him and going to school with her close friend, Peter Parker.

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When with Coulson, Amara was first toght to be a inhuman but when her ice powers got out of control not even Daisy could help her. They found out she was a Frost Giant when they came and kidnapped Daisy and Fitzsimmons, Amara's only friends. They tortured and hurt her to make he go into her natural state, making her go full savage mode. After those events she was unstable and lonely, just allowing Daisy and Coulson to get close to her. Amara's emotional unstabillity unlocked her death powers, bringing back some of the dead agents, including Grant Ward, who later became her best friend.

After leaving S.H.I.E.L.D. Amara seeked Natasha Romanoff's help to get control, becoming close with her. As her trainee, she met the Avengers and started working on a science project with Tony and Bruce, which was a bullet made with asgardian material that would be able to kill her. But Amara's deep feeings freed Hela again and she tried to destory Earth to make it her own, but Amara's project was able to stop her, but was not strong enough to kill her, leaving the girl in a coma for 3 months.

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Amara was returned to life by Hela, Goddess of Death because, as the daughter of Loki, she was the only one that could survive Hela's powers. When she came back, she became immune to every injury and disease, as well as she stopped ageing. Hela's plans were to use Amara's body as her own, since she was stronger and younger, but Amara controlled her, and got her powers. But since Hela is a god, sometimes she takes control and in both of the times she did, Amara had to try killing herself to stop destruction.

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In Asgard, Amara got closer to Thor and her father, but since Laufey had died, she would be the one to take the throne of Jotunheim. The Frost Giants took advantage of this and once more, she went into a savage state and declared war to Asgard. When she took control of her mind again she made an accord between both of her kingdoms and ended their eternal battle. During her time in prison, Loki taught her how to control magic and Hela herself, being able to command her.