I haven't accomplished anything lately, well just one thing but when I was little I did accomplish a few things.

1. I completed all levels in my english academy

I have studied English for 4 or 5 years and I finally completed all levels.

I already did the graduation exam and got a certificate with honors, I'm really proud of myself.

The graduation ceremony will be in 2 months and I'm really excited about it.

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2. Won a national dance competition

When I was like 9 some other girls from my school and me were selected to represent my school in a national dance competition.

We were al excited because none of us had ever been into a dance competition and also because we learned something new.

The dance we did was a traditional one from my country and we had to wear an specific costume.

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3. Modeling

3 years ago my cousin and I decided to get into a modeling academy because school was over and we had 3 months for vacation.

After 2 months of going to the academy and when vacation was over the 'graduation' for us was to model on a runway.

It was amazing, It felt so good.

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