The first thing I noticed about her was her endearing smile and how good it felt to make her laugh. For some reason the first time I hugged her, I was instantly addicted. I couldn't explain it. I just wanted more of her.

It'd been a brutal year. Sorrow and anguish had found me at every turn. My self-esteem had been brow beaten to near extinction and I'd walk from class to class like a zombie. I looked with my eyes but absorbed nothing. Cared about nothing. All that was left was oblivion.

I remember the day so clearly. Taunting from my mates had left me seeking different companionship. I saw her. I was happy to see her again. I was nervous. Maybe she wouldn't want to talk to me. I didn't even want to talk to me. She seemed upset and I couldn't help but instantly feel concerned. One thing I liked about her was her kind and relaxed smile. That smile wasn't there anymore and I wanted to change it. A boy in the older grade tried to hug her and make her feel better. I felt jealous. He told me I should go away. I felt angry.

For a second of doubt I though I should. I thought what difference could I make. But I stayed. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and for a moment I saw a reflection of the pain I had been feeling. She deserved better. When I asked her what she wanted, the only thing she desired was me. I couldn't help but try to contain my glee. I embraced her and she embraced me. When I looked at her again, the smile had returned and it was on my face as well.

For years to come, I will never forget the embrace of that day. The embrace of my angel.

Disclaimer! I did not write this... as a matter of fact, my boyfriend wrote this after he read "frizzy hair" (which was based on him, obviously). This is the same situation, except from his perspective <3