pink is the positive girl color

i like all things pink, especially fashion & also makeup. you can do so much with it, and its just such a positive pro-girl, girly-girl, girl-can-do-anything color, and its just so much fun to wear.

go go pink!

here's a few pieces that just look so delicious. i have a pink moto and pink converse, and together they just dazzle! and for those dress up occasions nothing says you-go-girl(!) like an LPD (little pink dress, hehe), and just right heels

fashion, style, and pink image fashion, dress, and style image pink, shoes, and converse image *-*, girly, and girl image
aren't these just to die for? :)

Seal the deal with some perfectly pink makeup, lipstick & nails :)

beauty, eyebrows, and makeup image lips, mac, and lipstick image makeup, mac, and pink image nails, pink, and opi image
i like mac & opi :)

Now... Accessorize!

oreo, pink, and food image pink, girl, and heart image chanel, iphone, and pink image pink and Vespa image
don't you just love the pink scooter? and who doesn't need a pink oreo???

Pink inspiration from victoria!

here are some of my collections with wonderfuly pink things in them: