So this as my first article I like to introduce myself. My name is Ingrid and I'm 15. I'm in grade 10 and live in Canada. As you can see by the title there are things I don't say, that I'm too scared to say.

I write poetry and do drawings for them. I'm too scared to tell my friends because I'm scared they'll ask why I write. I don't know exactly why I do it but all I know is that it makes me feel whole. I have 3 notebooks of poetry and I'm starting my fourth. So much goes on in my head that I have to write it all down. What I write down is me on pages expressing what I cannot in front of people. The only person who knows I write is my step sister. Most of the time I hide my notebooks so friends and family don't find them. I write about sadness, love, heartbreak, beauty and much more. I'm not trying to say that they'll never understand why I write but for now I think keeping it too myself is best for me.

I'm also into photography and when I post my pictures on social media I would love to have my captions as my poems but when people ask I get nervous and freeze. Plus I have my mom on Instagram so if she sees the poems she'll think I'm depressed or heartbroken. That something must be going on in my life that I have to write such sad or broken things.

Maybe I'll post some of my poetry on here if I feel comfortable to open up to the outside world.