I've always felt most of the people like summer more than any other season,mostly because of the freedom it brings. I used to love summer too,and I still do,but it wasn't until I was praying for rainy days,sweater wheater and hot drinks in the middle of the summer, I realized autumn it has always been the season of my soul. So,whereas everybody already feel nostalgic about the summer who is gone, I feel complety ready for the best season ever to begin. And if you still think summer is better,just look at this reasons and think twice.

Decent wheater

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So you can do everything you want without getting sweaty and feeling like fainting.We'll have colder days and warmer days,but all of them with an incredible mixture of colours, which can't leave you indiferent.

Sweater weather

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Speaking about weather,how could we not think about all those sweaters waiting for us in the closet or the new ones ready to buy,'cause you know,you can' t never have enough of them.

New seasons of our favourite TV series

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Now grab yourself some good food and feel comfortable on your couch 'cause our friends are back.

Good Food

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Okay food is always good but we still have to appreciate all those delicious pies and pastries,with or without pumpkin,and which but the way,we can eat without feeling too guilty because we no longer have to show our perfect body at the beach.

Hot Drinks

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Autumn time screams Hot Chocolate and hot drinks,coffee,tea,milk they're all ready for you,ah and don't be afraid of trying something new,too.

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I don't know if it's just me, but I find Fall Makeup to be ridicuosly amazing. I mean,have you seen those colours?What about all those crazy lipsticks?

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Maybe not everyone love Halloween,but it can be funny tough.Wheter you decide to wear a costume or just watch a scary movie,or to dance on Thriller,or maybe to scare your friends,you can do everything you want,just get in the atmosphere and have some fun.

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Closer to Christmas

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As for all the Christmas lover out there (including myself), I think we can start our countdown(-98) without feeling weird about it.