It's okay, it really is.
You probably just got tired of me,
you probably learned that I'm just not the kind of girl you could ever like.
Congratulations for figuring that out,
you were quite slow with that.
Your daily messages, your nice words, your stupid smile all tricking me into thinking that maybe, just maybe, I'm finally special.
I don't want to blame myself, I really don't, but at midnight I find myself crying over the same fucking question all over again:
What did I do this time? Where did I go wrong?
The biggest question of them all:
When was the point where you just thought
"whatever, she's not interesting at all"?
Tell me, cause I'm dying to know.
How could I get so attached to you,
when you were just starting to cut me off?
I don't know,
my answer to anything,
I just don't know.
Congratulations, I mean,
at least you found out now.
That I'm not good enough, I guess.
I need someone to teach me how to be good enough for people who don't like me back.