Hi guys.

This is my first time writing an article on WeHeartIt. I'm not writing this because I want to be a writer or anything. I'm just doing this for fun. And I'm sorry if this article is a bit rough and all over the place. I'm not very good at writing. So, I don't need any negative comments.

Anyway, I am very passionate when it comes to self care, which also includes skin care. I have acne and I am determine to get clear skin. My acne is not terrible, though. I have more small bumps than big red ones. I have a lot of blackheads. I've have acne since the fourth grade and I hate it. But, since I'm so determined to get clear skin, I've been experimenting and trying new things and I found some stuff that helps clear it up a little bit..

So, I just want to share what I use for my skin to HELP MAINTAIN my acne because I don't know how to rid of it yet.

Btw, I have oily skin. So for those of you have dry or combination, these items might or might not help.

- African Black soap
-Witch Hazel (this is my best friend)
- Tea Tree Oil
- Vitamin E Oil

Also, if anybody have any suggestions then message me and give me some tips (I would really like it if you would) .

P.S I was going to take a picture of my face to show you the results of using these items but I don't like taking pictures of myself and posting it.