My dear scroller, good day (or evening or morning or night if you're up at 4 in the morning, trying to fall asleep or just plainly ignoring societies daily ritual, a heartily welcome to you too). It is an incredible privilege that you’ve chosen my words to be read next. Now, that I have your attention (we’ve already covered over 50 words!) it would be absolutely rude if I didn't tell you about my sudden literal ejaculation (not a good enough reason to use the word ejaculate, sorry). I'm here to take up a 15 days writing challenge (by @eifos9 ) cheers and heroic music in the background. I love to write, I always had. But you know when you love something, but you're not good at it? For example, I love elegance and grace, I admire sophisticated women, turning gracefully on a bar Stoll, flipping their hair behind their delicate shoulders, barely using a glance to make a man (or a woman) come undone, when you're just sitting in a corner, eating up the whole peanut bowl by yourself and asking yourself is the annoyingly loud (bad) music and the smell of sweat worthy of your endurance when you could be at home, binge watch a series or just curl up with a good book, hot cocoa and chocolate. I think not. So, as well as my lacking social skills, my writing skills come fast behind. But I decided to fight! So, I said to myself (what a wonderful world… I didn't say that, but honestly could you finish this sentence in any other way?) »No! If I want to write, I'll do it right! I'll try my best (mind the 'try' not 'do') and work hard! « . And what better way to do so then to try to complete a challenge of some sort? So, here's to day one »Write an article that's about YOU. Introduce yourself! ”:

So, well… First of all, Hi (yet again). Seems weird to write about yourself. I mean, just think about it. You're describing a person you know the most (in this case, that's myself, hello me) to a complete stranger (that's, in this case, you, my scroller, hello you). I mean, I could write complete nonsense, describing a stranger, a fictional character for all that I care, no one would know. Because really, why would you write about such a plain and little human as yourself (no offense to every interesting and unearthly different writer out there – my deepest apologies)? Why should anyone really care if you're just like everyone else? I don't know. You probably don't know. Do we really care that we don't know? Maybe… but let's forget about that. So, I'm here. As plain and as little as possible (no seriously, I'm very short), taking up this writing challenge because why not.

I’m a girl, well, a woman more likely, in her 20s’. I have long straight(-ish) brown hair and ordinary green/brown curious eyes, even though I ate a lot of ginger (a random article once said I should eat it in order to brighten up my eye color… so I did). I’m in love with musicals and Broadway, I live for music and books, I breathe for the smell of fresh air after it rains and every morning I’m dying for the sweet taste of instant coffee. Food is my soul mate and interesting stories are the reason I wake up in the morning. I also love to draw and paint (I’m absolute rubbish at it though), I love to dance and sing, I love theatre and the smell of fresh bed sheets. I play a violin and I’m training in opera singing. I’m also a part of our national karate team, so watch out (no seriously, I’m behind you! ... Did anyone look? No? Ok.). I love learning, but intensely dislike studying. All my boyfriends are fictional and my humor is sometimes so hard to understand it’s practically inexistent. I’m a third-year psychology student and an auror in training.

So that’s it, I guess? And… oh! My name’s Nani. Well, it’s not my ‘real’ name. It’s an abbreviation, most often used by my mom and my grandma. Well, now that you know my name and I have no idea who you are, we can finally get more intimate, grab our tea, gird up our loins and proceed tomorrow to chapter two.

This was awfully long, wasn’t it? Sorry… I couldn’t help myself. I’ll do better next time (hopefully).

So, until tomorrow, my patient reader! Farewell.