if you clicked on this article i'm guessing you're interested in journaling, own a journal or at least think of starting one. as someone who has been keeping journals since i was 7, i can tell you that i have stopped doing it twice as many times as i have started up journaling again. even the most creative people lack ideas & inspiration to work on their journal, but that doesn't mean you should take a break ! here i came up with a bunch of ways that helped me gain inspiration to work on my journals whether you like drawing, writing or glueing things together !


seem like a weird suggestion? think again. i started a series in my journal and it's called "100 things i love"(https://daringtolivefully.com/journal-prompts) and i add a small explanitory paragraph to each thing which makes my journal really mine! other suggestions for creating lists i have is: "gratitude list" (i suggest you do this daily & you will practise looking for positive things in everything), "places i've been to" (you can add memories of each place & pictures), "my favorite books" (you can add quotes and small paragraphs to each book ! ), pretty much "my favorite ANYTHING THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU", "what i want to achieve", "things that make me happy" or even small daily "to do list"s to keep track of your productivity!

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what happened today, how do you feel, what are your thoughts, what memory you were reminded of, what's making you feel the way you feel right now ? you can write down anything that is coming purely from you, your mind & your expriences. whenever you're feeling overwhelmed with emotions just take your journal & write it down ! you will feel better afterwards, i promise & your journal will be your savior. if your brain is blank and you have absolutely no idea what to write there are also plenty of 'journal writing prompts' all over the internet (also tumblr has great ones) which will throw you hundreds of ideas on what to write if you can't think of anything yourself !

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we all have favorite quotes from the books we've read & favorite lyrics from the songs we've heard. and why not write them down? (and don't be afraid to go all in, i have about 3 songs with all the lyrics written down in my journal because of how important those songs were to me at the time) my favorite feeling is looking back at the books i read and the music i used to listen to, it helps me reminisce about a different time in my life & makes me so happy and nostalgic !

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you don't have to be good ! you don't have to have talent, but if you want to draw something you should ! it's a beautiful & creative way to pass time and show what's going on in your mind ! also it's aesthetically pleasing ! i love the way drawings look together with text & everything else, it makes the journal look more beautiful in my personal opinion, so if you want to do it... you should. there's plenty of inspiration for art found on weheartit as well, just check tags like 'art', 'drawing', 'painting' or 'art journal' !

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it'll take some time to select random things (such as random pieces of paper, washi tapes, stickers, napkins, pictures, plants, postcards/letters, receipts, perfume paper strips etc ) and make them all look good together, but i promise you, this will make your journal have a personality ! i absolutely love the idea of all these random pieces of paper creating something meaningful and beautiful together. and if you have a bunch of pictures you have no space for, glue them in as well ! you can create a moodboard for a month or a season ! or you can create collage of your favorite things/pictures if you have the resources ! whatever it is, this is definitely a good alternative for drawing !

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this might seem weird and too personal of a thing to ask someone, but i promise you there's nothing i love more than looking back at things that people once wrote me & wished me ! it makes your journal something you want to hold onto and look back at when you're having a bad day ! just ask your friend, your sibling, you parent to write something, draw something, whatever they're feeling in that moment ... you can even help them if they're lacking ideas, but it will not only create a memory for the two of you but that memory will also be engraved between the covers of your journal !

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this is just a prompt i came up with that i hadn't seen much around in weheartit. but if you're a dream obsessed person such as myself... this is for you. because i am truly fascinated by them, so i have started writing them down as soon as i wake up ! i know some people are super dedicated and have a seperate journal for their dreams, but i love having everything in one place and feeling the so i keep a journal by my bed. i usually write down what i dreamt. if i don't have enough time to write down everything and in full sentences i usually write a few keywords . but that's not it... later i use a dream dictionary (you can find many of them online) and i try to translate my dreams. there are a lot of contradictions there, but sometimes i look back at my dreams to see if any of the translations were true ! it's so interesting.. sometimes i also sketch what had happened in the dream, depends on the mood of it !

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if your list, quote, writing etc pages look too blank, fill them up ! use highlighters, markers, washi tape, sticky notes and fill the blank spots that bother you ! go draw some doodles or write some titles for the pages in calligraphy !

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have fun journaling !

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