We're back to that day most of us find cursed- Monday.
(I know, it makes you want to cower away).

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1. Fresh Start

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This doesn't only go for the start of each week but each day. Each day of every week as the sun rises you have the chance to make things better. Learn from the days before and give life another go. Take things one step at a time.

2. It's Still A Day

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Just like all the other days of the week you can still enjoy it. It might not be the whole time or much, but you can still do those small things you want to do but don't when the weekend comes along and you pick the bigger plan.

For example,

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#Read a book on the journey. Learn a language during your breaks using an app. Makes plans for the rest of the week so you don't have to think about what to do each day as much.

Bottom line is try to think of the brighter side! At least one thing!
You'll be great.