Hi guys! For Sunday's article I have an article where I want to talk about personal experiences. It can help some of you out and it might give you some tips. Click on the read more button for more!

Out of personal experience I had a lot of struggles in school. I was bad in saying no when I was younger and I didn't said what was on my mind. 4 years ago I met Amber, my best friend since then, and she made me a whole new person and helped me to change. Change into who I really am.

It where struggles with people not studying. I'm quite good in studying besides math. I don't like math and I just try my best for this course.

Shout out to her. Thank you my women, you're the best ever.

1. Stand up

The first big tip that I have is to stand up for yourself. DON'T let people tell you what you can and can't do. Dare to say no. Be you. Have a lot of friends. Stand up for yourself and do your thing. Express your feelings. Do what you love even if they tell you it's crap or you can't do it. Be you and fight back.

2. Friends

In life you're gonna meet a lot of people. You meet people where you get a long with really well and people where you don't match with. You meet tons of people. If you don't fit with some people you don't fit. You find your people. The people that fit you and take you for who you're.

3. Be you

Be yourself. If you aren't yourself people won't know who you really are. If you're yourself you find the people who want to be friends with you and you fit in their group. It's important to be yourself and not to pretend that you're someone else. There are a lot of people that pretend to be someone else. Don't do that.

4. Groups

Everyone wants to fit in. If you start high school or college etc. Everyone wants a group of friends but mostly "The cool kids" or the "Popular kids". Don't desire to fit in their group. You can make your own group with the people you love the most. Your closest friends belong in your group. You can be silly together and have so much fun. Let the other kids do their thing but make your life the life you want. You'll make friends for life if you're yourself and if you do what you love.

Question What was/is your best high school memory?