Hello Everyone!
I am so grateful because you read and love my articles! I love you cuties! ❤️

Today, I brought a music tag. I hope you will like it!

1. What was the last song you listened to?

Hedley - Better Days

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2. Name 3 of your favorite songs right now?

MYA - Amor Prohibido
Actualy, these two boys are my favorites! ❤️ I love their Despacito cover, but this is their first original song together and they are sooo talented!

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Maroon 5 - What Lovers Do ft. SZA
This song is just so cool!

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Fall Out Boy - The Last Of The Real Ones
I like this song!

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3. What is your favorite music video right now?
Oh, it is easy...my favorite music video right now is the MYA - Amor Prohibido! You have to watch it because it is sooo awesome! (No, not only because of Agustín Bernasconi)

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4. Who is your favorite singer?
The strongest and the best singer, who I love and respect is Demi Lovato! She is so adorable and I love her songs because they are so powerful!

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5. Your best concert experience?
My best concert experience was in this summer, on 19th of August. I was in a music festival in Esztergom (in Hungary) with my two friends! We were on a Viktor Király gig. He is sooo talented and amazing man! The whole concert was royal! I think this night was our best day and night too! ❤️

6. Favorite TV series theme song?

Ruelle -This is the Hunt from the Shadowhunters.

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7. Do you have favorite YouTube singer?

Just to let everyone know, this super talented and handsome man is my husband! But seriously, it is amazing how talented he is! ❤️

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Chase Holfelder
He is talented and super creative too!

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8. Song, I like to sing in a public!
It is changing because I always sing my favorite songs. For example, during this summer I sung Despacito every time with my best friend, @rufjenni! We were sooo good and cool! (Lol, maybe not..) ❤️

9. Song, that reminds me of someone!

Chord Overstreet - Hold On
This song perfectly describes my current feelings. ❤️

holdon and chordoverstreet image
"Hold on, I still want you! Come back, I still need you!"

So, thank you for reading my article. I am so happy and grateful! :)

P.s.: As always, sorry for my grammar mistakes!

Much love, Viki!❤️