Well hey im going to talk about fake friends and well give to you guys my advice about this :) well I know people can have like a lot of friends that people who help you but somentimes after a long time you start notice like some of your called "friends" aren´t exactly like your friends or maybe your real friends so I thinks friends are that people who support you and your dreams too and you can count with them and always trying to be positive with you and they give you advices and care about what you do, they care about your life okay, so I thik the best you can do is start taking like space from that toxic people because somentimes maybe you hang out with them because you want to fit in but its okay not fit in in one group or other to be honest its better you find or yo make your own group with people like you and you share things theyre the real friends and with your fake friends its not necessary like beign rude with them if they say hi to you be nice and say it back and you can still hang out with them if you want but they never are going to be part of your life again like youre not going to be that confident of share maybe your worries or your problems because you have your new cool squad but that dosent mean like you guys cant hang out ¡¡ so be nice and spread positive vibes with new people because good people with good people can make good people better people :)
well i hpe do you like this article , Im going to be posting more often depend of how this article goes i hope go good because i would like write and advice again ¡¡¡ peace until the next post :) and comment if you would like me to continue writing