g-eazy, rapper, and black and white image
#1 G-Eazy - Been On
Image by Micol Padovani
#2 2Pac - If I Die 2night
Image by Alice
#3 XXYYXX - Closer
quotes, tears, and coldplay image
#4 Coldplay - Fix You
car radio, twenty one pilots, and skeleton clique image
#5 Twenty One Pilots - Car Radio
music image
#6 Hippie Sabotage - Options
bitch, easel, and hiphop image
#7 6LACK - Problems
Image by antisocial
#8 Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High
aesthetic, background, and girl image
#9 Die Antwoord - Ugly Boy
bet, gif, and video image
#10 Tinashe - Bet
gif, game of thrones, and song of ice and fire image
#+1 Ramin Djawad - Mhysa