We all feel sad sometimes. Some of us more than others, some of us do not show it. Some of us cry no matter who is watching and others fill their pillow with tears every night when they lay to bed. I always wondered what happening inside of a persona when sadness is all they feel. Today is the day when I can finally explain it to you. You wake up in the morning feeling alright you guess. It will be a good day you sure think that for yourself until it happens. That one thing or one persona that you miss, they text you, someone says their name not even thinking about them and your day crushes down in pain. You say you are okay I mean, if you are not okay they will tell you that you are over reacting even tho missing that one thing sometimes even drives you crazy enough that you think about killing yourself. In the end tho you stop telling your friends how you feel because, well shit, they only know how to judge. You also start putting yourself down, you tell yourself that they left because you are not worth it, you are ugly, boring, stupid and they found someone who is ten times a person you will ever be. You can not listen to some songs anymore, why? Because those songs remind you of them so much you know you will cry if you force yourself to listen to them, but you can never delete them of your phone, just like all of your pictures ¸that you probably still keep in your gallery, hoping you do not have to delete them, because they will come back ahhh..... Sweet hope that never works because you know deep deep down inside of you that they are never coming back. You start feeling alone, and you distance yourself from your friends, for the best you think and say, and no matter how hard they are trying to stay in your life you keep pushing them away until they actually start believing you do not want them but you will not do anything to stop them. You put yourself into this dark hole, scary place and you do not know how to get out of it and it is like a constant wave of pain hitting you. You have no will for life anymore and you are away that if you do not pull yourself out now you never will. But the demon is to strong, you lose faith and thats it. the end.

But it doesnt have to be. If you ever felt like this and need someone to talk to who knows how you feel please text me on any of my social media. I know how it feels because I myself once felt the same and I wanna be there for everyone of my followers with advice, hand to help or just a shoulder to cry on.

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