Hello! I am in the least year of high school and I'm from England. I don't know if that means I am a...senior? Well in my country we call it 'Year 11'. But...As you all know, school season has just begun, so here's some tips from me to you as to how to make it go quickly and maybe, slightly, enjoyable?? Trust me, if I can get through it, you can to. Here we go....

1. Don't Count Down!
Honestly, counting down the days is the WORST thing you can do, because It will just feel like you will be waiting forever and ever until the torture ends. Just take each day is it comes and do what your supposed to do. Before you know it, weeks would have passed and its closer to your break.

2. Don't Stress Over Studies
I mean, studying is very important, but don't stress and over work yourself. Take breaks, go out with friends, watch TV. Enjoy being young! I know studying is a priority, but high school is the time to make friends and learn social skills. Study, but don't OVERstudy yourself.

3. Drama and Trust.
Drama...Drama...Drama... It never goes away. Even when you leave high school and start working, there will always be drama because there are always people who you will dislike / who will dislike you. My advise towards drama is to simply try and stay out of it. This links in with trust, trust is the STEM of drama. 99% of the time, arguments are down to trust. So if you have something to say, be careful who you tell it to. I had 1 best friend the whole way through high school, and she is still my best friend to this day and she is literally the only person I rant/tell things to. If you tell 5 people things about people or gossip you have heard, the chances are it will spread further so just be cautious of the things you say to certain people. Even if you are friends with them.

4. Teachers
Your teachers work damn hard for you. I know a lot of them are bitchy and just simple assholes but their JOB is to help you do well and get good grades. So listen to them. Respect them. They are so underpaid yet work so so hard. Plus, listening to your teachers and taking notes will help lessons go easier and faster.

5. Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Yes. You are bound to meet people in high school who you will become attracted to. Its part of life. There will be heartbreak, love, first kisses, break ups, commitments, trust me you will go through it all. Make sure, if you do like someone that you feel completely comfortable around that person; and if they pressure you to do anything you don't want to do, end it! On the other hand, please don't feel pressured to get into any high school relationships because half of them don't last. Make sure your first boyfriend/girlfriend is someone you really like and not just someone you barely know purely for the sake of having a 'boyfriend'. I cant stress that point enough.... make sure they are worth it!!!

6. Its Not Like The Movies
Do I really need to explain this? High school isn't like what you see in gossip girl.

So there we have it! Some advice you've probably heard before but its important. I hope school goes well for you all this year! Make it memorable!