We are girls but, we want to be women when its time comes. And when we will have already been women we have to know what we certainly should hold in our make-up case/neseser.

Tips from Tracie Martyn
-The best cosmetician of Upper East Side

20 yo:
A skin-lotion and an eye cream which soothe this esp. sensitive area after a hard party + sun protect cream.

ass, black, and blonde image

30 yo:
The first wrinkle-remover serum and regular vitamin C cure which increase the shine of face.

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40 yo:
Anti-aging cream which urge the production of collagen.

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50 yo:
Hyaluronic acid serum because, it hydrates and moisturises, helps give the flexibility of skin back and prevent the drying-up of tke skin.

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(It is from Elle Hungary Magazine)