Sorry guys, I think I forgot posting yesterday, can't even remember if I did or not.
The reason that I don't know if I did or not is a festival called Rock in Rio, have you heard about it? ✌️
So yesterday Shawn Mendes was going to performance and He did it so well and I was so anxious for that, because I know he got potential and talent (well it's another thing to talk about in another article).

I'll be posting two questions today one for yesterday and one for today. Differents articles.

No more talk, here's the number 8 question.

8.What are five passions you have?
  • God 1st of all.
  • My Mother and My sister (More than passion)
  • Vintage stuff
  • My dog
  • Music
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What about you? Wanna read things from you guys.

_Kel Cruz xo 💋