Every time I wear makeup people make it seem like it's a "crime".
They always would wonder why I would wear makeup, and my answer to them is "I don't know maybe because it makes me feel good." And they have the Audacity to tell me that it's to much!! And I look at them and just wonder "dang... is it that noticeable?"
So I decided to write this article!! About why us girls well some of us where makeup.

Reason #1- Enhance some of their features.
Reason #2- A form of art to express themselves, you might be wondering why? makeup there are many other ways to express, your self well like I said makeup is a form of art the keyword is art, some girls even boys turn out to be very good at it and they just continue to excel and make progress that one day there work will be found and, the next thing you know someone like Kylie Jenner will discover them because someone she knows told her about the person and they just love his/her art and talent.
Reason #3- To impress a guy or girl.
Reason #4- To just try something new, and feel different about themselves.
Reason #5- Self-empowerment and feeling confident, you might be like well shouldn't you be confident in your own skin just what "Ally Comegys" said "there is nothing wrong with a little concealer."

Well thank you for reading my article staytoon for the next!! See Ya