A list of famous people with your zodiac sign.

1. Lady Gaga

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2. Jackie Chan

dog, labrador, and cute image quotes, jackie chan, and continue image

3. Vincent van Gogh

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4. Leonardo da Vinci

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5. Elton John

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6. Akon

actor, singer, and record producer image Abusive image

7. Zoe Sugg

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8. Emma Watson

emma watson, beauty, and harry potter image emma watson and actress image

9. Jack Johnson

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10. Tyler Oakley

troyler, tyler oakley, and troye sivan image youtube, youtuber, and tyler oakley image

11. Shay Mitchell

shay mitchell, pll, and pretty little liars image beaty, nail, and fashion image

12. Jessie J

celebrity, famous, and jessie j image celebrity, famous, and jessie j image