Hiii ! I have decided to do the 30 Day challenge.
Made by : @TypicalGirl48 , go follow her because she's amazing.
The Original Challenge : http://weheatit.com/articles/29609319-30-day-get-to-know-me-challenge
Why i do this challenge ? Because more people can know me better.
So i hope you like it ;)

1. List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. My name is Audrey
2. I have 18 years old.
3. I'm French, from Paris
4. My favorite color is blue
5. My work is Wedding Planner

Inspiring Image on We Heart It love, wedding, and couple image

6. I love listening to music (Rap, Pop, all)
7. My favorite movie is Harry Potter
8. I love Make up, fashion; clothes
9. I don't like fish
10. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother and I'm the younger.

makeup, mac, and beauty image

11. My role model is my mom, my sister and Michelle Obama.
12. I saw Fifth Harmony and One direction in concert.
13. I would like to see Rihanna in concert.
14. My family and my friends are very important for me.
15. My favorite city is Barcelone ( i was has Barcelone twice)

Image by rosales23 amazing, Barcelona, and espana image

16. I'm a hard worker, honest.
17. I spend my week-end on Netflix
18. My favorite series is Pretty Little Liars and Desperate Housewives.
19. My hair color is blond and i have blue eyes
20. My favorite princess is Jasmine.

pretty little liars, lucy hale, and ashley benson image netflix, bath, and wine image