ok so I guess this is a list for myself of all the future articles I want to do but feel free to do one of these!!

if you tag me in it I will definitely like it and put it in my articles collection

1. Feel Good playlist

include link via Spotify

2. Types of Friends

3. How-to: Write a Good Article

include tips on how to get likes

4. How-to: conquer High School

make it diverse and include experiences that you've had

5. Movies that changed my life

and why

6. Good Books and Shows for Women

include links and pictures

7. Good Throwback TV Shows

that even if you don't watch you should know about

8. A Poem

yes folks, i may attempt a poem inspired by my toxic collection but idk I'm not the best poet

try one based off your favorite collections

9. Good Jokes

include all your favorite jokes, proving how corny you are

10. What To Do This Fall

xx, Ava
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